Car Camping: Travel Made Affordable

Have you been thinking about a dream road-trip or a long weekend on the road, but you're worried about the expense or the hassle of organising places to stay along the way? Or you're not a huge fan of wild camping? Then why not sleep in your car?!

I know what you're thinking, sleeping in your car, wouldn't that be uncomfortable? Well yes it can be, but with a simple solution I assure you it can be a lot more comfortable and enjoyable than you imagine. Think of it as sleeping in a caravan but much smaller. It also depends on what type of vehicle you own and whether the back seats can fold down all the way, creating sufficient space for you to lay down. If so you're onto a winner, now all you need is something comfy to lay on right? Then why not make a small investment in an inflatable mattress, they're relitavely cheap and quick and easy to inflate, not to mention they're pretty damn comfy. I purchased mine from Sports Direct and it only set me back £15 or something. so far its been excellent, well worth the money and survived two long trips to Scotland.

But Dan, what happens if it pops when I'm out on a road-trip? Well then it pops, you've lost £15 and you're probably in for an uncomfortable night. If it's a fixable issue then get it sorted, if not, get a new one. At least you have the shelter of your car to keep you dry and warm. Imagine if you were out camping, the weather is terrible outside and for some reason your tent rips or a pole snaps, that would make for an uncomfortable night as well wouldn't it? Well this is a similar situation. You adapt and overcome. But do you really go on any sort of camping adventure to have the most comfortable night ever, no, we go for the experience and for the pure joy of it.


Where do you put all your belongings when the mattress is set up? I usually transfer everything from the boot and back seats and place them on the front seats and in the footwells. The most important items will go on the dash so they're easily accessed when needed. 

I have thought about the idea of getting a roof box and will probably get one down the line, as this would create even more space and would mean less luggage would need to be moved around. But in the meantime, I'll carry on with what I already do. It doesn't take much effort once you have a system worked out.


Just think about the possibilities though, where you could drive to, where you can stop and park up, where you can wake up... The possibilities are endless.

All you need is a car, a mattress, fuel money, clothes, food and water then you're good to go. it is really that simple. If this has inspired you to go on your own car camping adventure, but you're still unsure about making it work on a long road-trip. Take a shorter trip to test it out, go for a weekend away, spend two nights in your car somewhere local and work things out for yourself. When you do, it'll be no more hotels and B&B's, no more of them checking in and out times. You'll be arriving wherever and whenever you want and leaving whenever you want. To me, this is freedom and this is what it's all about!

So go on, try it today and go on your dream adventure.